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Industry Buzz - Articles About Our Profession

Sodexo Joins Partnership for a Healthier America in the Fight against Childhood Obesity
Sodexo announces new commitments aimed at making healthier choices easier for its millions of customers during… Read more

Sodexo Recognized for Leadership in Fight Against Hunger by The Campus Kitchens Project
The Campus Kitchens Project honored Sodexo with The Vision Award, highlighting the organization's… Read more

What's Up with Wheat Berry?
As the largest employer of registered dietitians, Sodexo is supporting National Nutrition Month in their accounts through the use of the nutrition month ... Read more

Adding Flax Seeds to Your Diet
Flax adds lots of fiber but also other important nutrients. Jessica Crandall of Denver Wellness and Nutrition Sodexo said, "They're a very small but powerful seed. They're good in omega 3's fiber and overall nutrition." Read more

To Your Health: Enjoy holiday goodies and keep off the pounds
If your waistline is approaching the holiday season with some trepidation, fear not. According to Chestnut Hill dietician Lauren Dvorak, you can enjoy the bounty of the season without tipping the scales at a higher number. Read more

Sodexo wins Best Wellness Concept for avoiding allergens
Simple Servings approaches the food allergy problem with a comprehensive approach. Rather than offering different menus for different allergy sufferers, it simply eliminates any use of seven of the eight most common food allergens in all the dishes it serves. Read more

Mindful Options to Spice up the School Day
Mindful Options, a new line of food being served by Sodexo, makes healthy choices second nature for students. Read more

Sodexo and Real Food Challenge Sign Food Chain Transparency Agreement
Addressing the interests of a growing student food movement, Sodexo provides a larger window on the sources of the foods they provide on campus. Read more

Registered Dietitian Spotlight: Nina Crowley, MS, RD, LD, Bariatric Surgery
Amazing advice from Nina Crowley on how you can get involved in finding your dream dietetic career. Read more

Sodexo Named one of the "World's Most Admired Companies" by Fortune Magazine
Ranked Number One "Diversified Outsourcing Services" Company. Read more

Magnesium-Rich Food May Help Keep Kids' Bones Strong
Higher levels of the mineral tied to greater bone density in study

Magnesium may be as crucial to children's bone health as calcium, according to a small, early study. Read more

Gorging at the Buffet Table? Tactics May Help You Eat Less
Study reveals how people stay in control when faced with endless portions, many choices

Few situations can trip up someone who is watching their weight like an all-you-can-eat buffet. Read more

Really? Most of the Added Sugar in Our Diets Comes From Sugary Drinks
Americans as a whole consume too much sugar, that much seems to be clear. But where is most of the sugar in our diets coming from? Read more

Hungry Shoppers Head for High Calorie Aisle
Hitting the grocery store on an empty stomach may lead to a shopping cart full of high-calorie foods, researchers found. Read more

Autism Linked to Environmental Factors
New Studies of Air Pollution, Pesticides and Iron Bolster Evidence Tying Developmental Disorder to Influences in Womb. Read more


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Meet Jennifer Tomesko, Clinical Nutrition Manager in New Jersey. I’ve been at Sodexo for over 10 years with two promotions along the way.

Read more about Jennifer and other Sodexo employees in our Day in the Life profiles.

Meet Susan Langill, General Manager at Faulkner Hospital, Boston, MA. I was hired 18 years ago by Sodexo as Clinical Dietitian on Reserve and promoted to Clinical Nutrition Manager and then to this position as General Manager for Faulkner Hospital, Boston, MA.

Read more about Susan and other Sodexo employees in our Day in the Life profiles.

Meet Beth Winthrop, Product Development Director for Wellness in Sodexo's Campus Services Division.

Read more about Beth and other Sodexo employees in our Day in the Life profiles.